Resurrecting the Nearly Dead

I am addicted to writing. And reading.

And, unfortunately, smoking. But that’s a habit I’m willing to kick!

Horrow and Suspense Novels

There. I said it.
After years of irritating the crap out of my family and friends by starting really “great” stories, novels, essays, whatever, making them read, edit, and respond, then never, ever finishing a damn one of them, I have decided to just throw it all out there, here, on the great and powerful WWW for anyone and everyone who simply has nothing better to do but read stuff that might be good, but might also suck, and who might feel compelled to share with me their two cents to help reignite the passion I once had for so many diverse and interesting characters.

That was one helluva a run-on sentence… hope you’re still breathing!

ErosSo if you’ve got some time to kill, stick around and get to know the twisted characters that haunt my dreams. Discover who’s leaving cryptic messages in the titles of strategically ordered CD’s and books as children become the catalyst for some of the deadliest accidents in our history. Find out what happens when Anteros, Pothos, Eros, and Hedylogos, the winged gods of love, lust, and desire escape the hidden world of Ancient Greece and wreck havoc on women every where. See what happens when the power of one young girl’s rage manifests itself in a child sized clay doll, and get to know Amary Raynes. Travel with her through her journals, as she struggles to deal with death, deceit, and a viral Apocalypse that threatens to end mankind permanently.

Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, curl up on your couch and get comfortable. Suspend your beliefs for a little while as you follow the dark paths my characters have lead me on and see if you can’t help at least some of us make it back to the light.

I’m looking for opinionated people who love to read and know a good story when they see it. I’m looking for people who will get to know my characters and help them complete their journeys. There’s drama, suspense, fantasy, and horror waiting to entertain, but somewhere along the way, we got lost, and I’m hoping you can help us find our way back.

So Dear Reader, don’t expect an ending to any of my stories just yet. Instead, tag-a-long as a little voice in our protagonist’s ears (or antagonists!) and with your help, watch these stories unfold.

Along with excerpts from my unfinished works, each blog will invite readers to share their honest opinions on what makes a great story great. Some blogs will open discussions on favorite types of genres, favorite authors, and whether great authors are born, or created. I welcome ideas for blogs that are writing related, and I will also welcome guest bloggers.

All comments, critiques, suggestions, and advice are welcome. However, verbal abuse will not be tolerated towards me or other posters, and will be deleted and you will be permanently blocked.