Your Persistent Blogger

Addicted to Reading, Writing, and Smoking!

I am a single (divorced) mother of a beautiful and intelligent twenty-four year old IMG_3047married daughter who has given me two perfect grand-children! My daughter and my wonderful son-in-law live minutes from me, so when I am not reading, writing, teaching, or riding my horse, I am spending my time enjoying my grandson, Bryston, and grand-daughter, Kinzley.

I currently have three addictions: reading, writing, and smoking. Yup, I’m a closet smoker, but I’ll get back to that!

I’ve been an avid reader since I could sound out words. I will read anything you put in front of me, but my choice runs towards horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and anything with a supernatural twist.

During the school year (I teach middle school English to non-English speaking students – ESL)  I refrain from picking up a book (or my Kindle) unless I’m on vacation. Otherwise, grading papers and improving lesson plans often take a back seat to a really great story!

However, I do write all year round. I find writing helps me de-stress. When I can’t make it to the barn for some horse-therapy, I write. The problem is, I start what I think is a great story – but then I get stuck re-writing what I’ve written without ever making it to the ending! This BLOG is asking for your help to create great endings to some great (at least I think so!) beginnings!

I’m also asking that you share your favorite authors and stories with me as well. You can tell me why you choose what you do, or you can write a book review!

Last but not least, I’m looking for inspiration and support to kick my nasty habit once and for all! Please, NO lecturing – every smoker out there KNOWS how bad it is for us. We know how much it stinks. We know how offensive all you non-smokers find it. I’d like to hear from recovering-non-smokers, past and present, on how you kicked butts!